Life Ionizer’s Founder

Life Ionizer’s Founder

Who is Life Ionizers? Meet the guy who started the Life Ionizer health revolution

Life Ionizers Founder Hi, my name is Rick H. Cabados and in 1996 I discovered the   health benefits of drinking purified alkaline ionized water from a water ionizer.

Ever since then I have been providing high quality alkaline water ionizers to health professionals and other people interested in reversing acidic conditions and preserving their health and the well being of their loved ones.

I decided to create the best ionizers on the Planet and I began working with our technicians and engineers on new designs and technologies. After we were satisfied with the outstanding quality of these water ionizer machines and the healthy water they produced we had our Doctors review them. At this point we presented them to Health Practitioners, Doctors and health conscious people around the World.

Thank you for your faith and enthusiasm in our company and our products. My staff and I are dedicated constantly improving our LIFE Ionizers™ by introducing new technologies. We were happy to introduce our new 2009 models that incorporated the latest in technological advancements such as the SMPS Power Systems (the same system that powers High Definition Television); LIFE’s MESH Technology™ ; LIFE’s UV Light Technology™ ; and Function 5 Amperage Settings.

We have also introduced our new “Convertible” LIFE 7700 UC™ Counter top and the LIFE 9200™ Stainless-Steel Under-Counter Ionizer.  These new “Convertible” models will convert from the counter top unit to an under-counter model and vice-versa.  We are proud to announce that the LIFE Ionizer is still the only ionizer ever listed in the prestigious Physician’s Desk Reference (PDR).

We are now proud to introduce our 2010 LIFE Ionizer models with Energy Frequency Technology™.  The NEXT GENERATION LIFE Ionizers with the “EFT” Technology™ (patent pending) activates the ionized alkaline mineral water by embedding 200 frequencies into the water that help balance the organs, glands and meridians of the body for optimum health. The “EFT” Technology™ (patent pending) is available in our 7000 and 9000 series models.  We have also introduced our new “Vitamin C Ceramic Technology™ (patent pending) Filters to reduce both chlorine and chloramine contaminants.  As we expand our line of health-enhancing ionizers and ionizer upgrades, LIFE Ionizers continues to prove why we are still the Industry Leader in Alkaline Water Education and Ionizer Innovation.

EarthTrade Water, the manufacturer of LIFE Ionizers™, is here to serve you with its International Headquarters in Carlsbad, California. We now have offices open in Canada, in the UK to service Europe and now in Australia.

In Service,

Rick H. Cabados

Chief Executive Visionary